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Organic Demonstration Farm: innovative vegetable production


Organic farm ‘Mrowisko’ specialises in organic vegetable production. The farm does not keep animals, but produces compost, vegetable broth and plant extracts. The effects are achieved mainly by properly constructed crop rotation, composting, organic fertilizers allowed by Fertilizer Institute in Puławy and manure purchased at organic farms. Proper composition of neighbouring plants protects the cultivation from pest and diseases.


Lodzkie region, Poland


Starting the farm ‘Mrowisko’ in 2002 the owners kept in mind food production of high quality, beneficial for human’s health and improving fertility of soil. The vegetables production in ‘Mrowisko’ takes in consideration nature laws.

The owners treat the farm as a living organism – providing natural protection from diseases and pests. An important principle is to preserve the biodiversity. The beginning of ‘Mrowisko’ was very difficult, but it did not discourage the owners and they persisted in their efforts. “When you work in the field of organic, you need to be patient and humble in regards of nature laws” – says Monika Mrowińska the owner of ‘Mrowisko’.

After gaining experience in the field of vegetable cultivation, they decided to disseminate their knowledge by organising visits in ‘Mrowisko’ for young generations. In 2017, they hosted over 700 children from primary schools and kindergartens. During the visits they presented, what the organic farming consists of. Everyone who purchases ‘Mrowisko’ products can visit the farm personally and see how they are grown. On the farm, tomatoes, paprika, butter head lettuce, iceberg lettuce under cover, radishes, cucumbers, aubergine, zucchini, pumpkin Hokkaido, carrot, beetroot, chive, dill, and string bean are grown.

So far, there was no funding stream involved. The goal of the owners is to be financially independent and maintain the farm by selling of what is grown.

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