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Bio Sud-Ouest France

Regional brand


Launched in 2013, together with the Region Midi-Pyrénées, the brand ‘Bio Sud Ouest’ aims at promoting a local production or supply, supporting regional operators, and proposing a clear identification of local organic products thanks to its label.


Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, France


The brand Bio Sud-Ouest France was created by the former regional councils of Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées, with a grant for the two interprofessional association to use it. The European organic regulation certifies the production and process of the products. Bio Sud-Ouest France guarantees the regional origin of the products under the Brand Bio Sud Ouest France. The objectives of the brand are the promotion of a local production and supply, the support to regional organic operators, and a clear identification of organic and local products. All organic certified producers and processors based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine and ex-Midi-Pyrénées can use the brand, if they meet the specifications:
  • the product comes from an organic production and is certified by a certifying body,
  • the main raw material of the products is produced in the territory of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and/or ex- Midi-Pyrénées regions,
  • it is produced and processed in the territory of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and/or ex- Midi-Pyrénées regions.
  • all the ingredients used are totally traceable, justified by origin certificates from the production step.
Each product is submitted to the approval of the accreditation committee of the Bio Sud-Ouest France brand. Then, official certifying organisations (and only them) control the origins of the raw materials for the Bio Sud- Ouest France products.

Nowadays, there are 556 certified products of 35 companies. It concerns raw products like fruits, vegetables and cereals, and processed food like yogurts, jam, juices, flours, honey, etc.

In 2017, the board of INTERBIO NA decided to expand the brand to the entire Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, with the support of the Regional Council.

Jérôme Cinel, INTERBIO Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bio Sud Ouest France
Email: j.cinel@interbionouvelleaquitaine.com, Tel:+33 5 56 79 28 52

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