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EkoMarchaty – organic fruit-growing farm

ProBiotechnology in agriculture


In the past 10 years, the owners of EkoMarchaty have not used chemical fertilizers. Instead they used a solution called ProBiotechnology. In ProBiotechnology, a non-genetically modified composition of beneficial microorganisms is used. Their metabolites contain a total of fermented mixture of natural ingredients.


Lodzkie region, Poland


The owners of EkoMarchaty are convinced that ProBiotechnology enhances the efficiency and bioprotection in agriculture, revitalization and protection of the environment, as well as in the household and human health. The use of these beneficial microorganisms increases the efficiency of farms using these solutions and assists them in maintaining the highest standards to produce organic food.

The organic fruit-growing farm is located on an area of 19 ha, mostly in the beautiful scenery of Marchaty village on the south outskirts of Biala Rawska. The territory is dominated by scattered farms, neighbouring forests, fields and streamlets. The lack of intensive fruit-farming due to low soil classes favours organic farming. The other part of the farm EkoMarchaty is located in the village Zurawia, on the west side of Biala Rawska neighbouring Bialski forests.

Currently the entire family owns the machinery and storage facilities. On the farm, they grow the following products: apple trees (12 ha), cherry trees (1,5 ha), plum trees (1 ha), fields (1 ha), forests (3 ha). The investments in the farm are supported by the European Rural Development Program.

Arek Kartus
Email: arek.kartus@interia.pl , Tel: +48 666-941-141

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