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Joint commercialization model that allows local producers to sell own brand in supermarkets, under the umbrella of the cluster


Following negotiations with two global hypermarkets present in Cluj-Napoca city, held by the management of the cluster on behalf of all cluster members, “Transilvania Acasă” isles are located inside the two biggest shopping centres in the city, commercialising the products (including organic) of seven of local producers and members of the cluster.


North-West region, Romania


AgroTransilvania Cluster, set up in 2013 at the initiative Cluj County Council, is an association of 70 member organisations: agrifood producers, traders, cooperatives, local authorities, chamber of commerce, universities and research institutes from the North-West Region of Romania. The cluster promotes collaboration between business entities in the agrifood industry and encourages the competitive restructuring of the sector.

“Transilvania Acasă” (Transilvania at Home) was born in 2013 as an initiative of AgroTransilvania Cluster and the producers that are members of the cluster. At the beginning, 13 producers joined the concept and were involved in its creation and development.

“Transilvania Acasă” has an important role to play in the value chain of the cluster association, being set up to maintain cluster producers/members together, gain a position in the agrifood market, and enter to the major shopping centres to market their products. Moreover, sharing facilities allows for prices and price margins to remain competitive. The cluster association is a non-profit organization, so that the ownership of the products stays in the hands of the producers.

In addition to contributing to the short value chain presented above, “Transilvania Acasă” has been built on the premises of sustainable development, to support producers, to strengthen relationships and to create a strong brand under which products can be marketed.

As of today, the number of producers who joined the concept and market their products have grown to 23 and keeps rising.

Funding of this initiative is based on the private support of the producers who are using the cluster market channel. In addition, cluster is operating based on members’ fee and European funded projects.

Felix Arion, AgroTransilvania Cluster
Email: office@agrocluster.ro, Tel: 0040751011228

This best practice is part of the SME ORGANICS project.

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