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Cooperation between consumers for organic consumption

Promoting fair trade and direct relationship with producers


Landara is a consumers’ association for organic shopping based on direct relationship with local producers and processors, securing a fair trade for every actor. Nowadays, after 25 years work experience, almost 3,000 families are involved.


Pamplona and surroundings, Spain


Landare is not-for-profit consumers association. Consumers join the association for a variety of reasons: to have access to organic and healthy foods at affordable prices and to find local products directly from the producer. This direct contact with producers allows them to establish just and mutually beneficial exchange relations.

Landare is a way to transform the world starting from the shopping basket. At a management level, it has two centres: one in Pamplona and one in Villava, both involving 25 employees in the project. Landare also has associative participation in the working groups, in the meeting and in the assemblies to guarantee that their values are maintained and strengthened.

As an open association, if a new person wants to join, one has to participate to a brief informative meeting in which the project and the way to operate is explained. In this meeting, the organisation also informs potential participants about its values, the mode to participate at an associative level, and how the organisation creates ties with the producers and makes it purchases.

Every product sold in Landare is locally and ecologically made. In terms of distribution, 67% of what is purchased in Landare is directly ordered from the producer. This number increases to 95% when taking into account dairy and cheese.

In the "conventional" food distribution channels, the decision-making power is in the hands of a few companies and in a few people. In the case of associative supermarkets, it is possible to invest the power relations. In Landare, the partners are the main actors of the activity which has a relevant impact on society.

David Garnatxo, Tel: +34 9 48 12 13 08

This best practice is part of the SME ORGANICS project.

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