Green Organics is a dynamic service provider operating internationally in the processing and cultivating of organic potatoes, fruit and vegetables. Green Organics has a clear mission: we want to stimulate further the growing demand for high quality organically grown fruit and vegetable products, and by so doing make our own contribution as the specialist. Our principles are the formation and expansion of sustainable relationships and the overseeing of the entire production chain.

“Making Europe More Organic is the common journey of IFOAM Organics Europe, Green Organics and many others. The IFOAM principles of Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care are at the core of our work towards making the world fully organic again! Cooperation, debate and lobby are crucial to achieve our Mission. IFOAM Organics Europe is “our” important turning point in Brussels to change the way of thinking and acting in the EU more and more towards organic. #StrongerTogether with the enthusiastic IFOAM Organics Europe staff. That’s the reason why Green Organics supports the important work of IFOAM Organics Europe.” Jan Groen, CEO Green Organics

Bio Eco Actual is the European Independent Organic Press: an informative magazine published in printed and digital format directed to professionals of the organic sector in Europe, and with near one million printed copies published every year directed to organic consumers and professionals in Spain.

“IFOAM Organics Europe represents the vision that we as organic movement defend, advocating and cooperating for a fairer food system in the European Union that works for the future of the young generations, and that of our soils and environment. This is our shared vision, and as a family-owned independent organic media we are proud to support IFOAM Organics Europe”. Montse Mulé, Bio Eco Actual Editor

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