Green Organics is a dynamic service provider operating internationally in the processing and cultivating of organic potatoes, fruit and vegetables. Green Organics has a clear mission: we want to stimulate further the growing demand for high quality organically grown fruit and vegetable products, and by so doing make our own contribution as the specialist. Our principles are the formation and expansion of sustainable relationships and the overseeing of the entire production chain.

Wessanen focusses on food that is good for people and for the planet. In most cases, foods which benefit our own health are also better for the planet, and vice versa. It has therefore defined our mission as ‘Healthier food, healthier people, healthier planet’. Wessanen’s core categories are dairy alternatives, sweet in betweens, bread and biscuit replacers, veggie meals, breakfast cereals and hot drinks.

Many of Wessanen’s brands are successful leaders of their respective markets. They all have strong local roots and are among the pioneers of the organic market in their country. Brands like Bjorg, Allos, Kallo, Bonneterre, Isola Bio, Gayelord Hauser, Alter Eco, Zonnatura, Tartex, Clipper, Whole Earth, Mrs. Crimble’s, Destination and El Granero are part of our family. Further information at www.wessanen.com. We believe that IFOAM EU is an essential partner in making Organic more and more successful in Europe. And in this way to making our food, people and planet healthier. We are proud to be a main sponsor of IFOAM EU.

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