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Healing soils, ecosystems and ruminants


Industrial farming contributes to the degradation of soils, the depletion of ecosystems and the misuse of antibiotics. The Pharmacy-Pasture project turns this trend around and offers livestock farmers the opportunity to sustainably fertilise their soils, restore ecosystems and ensure healthy ruminants.


Brittany, France


Intensive farming has a long-standing tradition. However, more and more customers demand food that is produced sustainably.

In 2015, Eilyps, an organisation that is closely working with farmers and comprising an organic department, has started providing their cows with the most diverse pasture environment possible. Since then, more than 50 hectares of pharmacy-pasture has been sown, containing herbs that contribute to the cows’ health within the framework of the Pharmacy-Pasture project. The project encourages the planting of trees, shrubs, wildflowers and herbs in hedges, making pasture land a true reservoir of health for livestock, while providing ecosystem services and restoring degraded soils.

So far, farmers are very happy about the results. Besides improved soil fertility, farmers reported on a more diverse and therefore secure forage stock, richer ecosystems and improved animal production efficiency. The integration of ecosystem-friendly livestock production, restoration of degraded soils and regard for animal welfare make the project a unique example of how economic and environmental benefits can be combined and multiplied.

Pauline Woehrle, EILYPS
Email: pauline.woehrle@eilyps.fr, Tel: +33 6 88 84 29 11

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