Leading by example


Farm incubator in the countryside of Belgium


On its 45 hectares, the farm Froidefontaine brings together food-makers and other ecological rural entrepreneurs to build a unique place for food, craft and education. It aims at uniting people with the goal to live in harmony with nature and inspiring people to contribute to more sustainable food production and consumption.


Wallonia, Belgium


The farm Froidefontaine provides the tools for producers, transformers and other people passionate about the development of a farm full of life: access to land, infrastructure, finance, accountancy, administrative support, as well as marketing. Currently, the farm hosts a variety of sustainable producers, ranging from cider to potatoes, vegetables, chickens, honey and natural colours extracted from flowers.  For visitors, the farm offers a range of high-quality organic products, educational activities and boarding facilities. Froidefontaine applies regenerative and agroecological practices, protects natural zones and preserves biodiversity. Those who are active in the region and interested in the being part of the farm with their own project can apply to become part of the Froidefontaine farm.

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Email: info@froidefontaine.be

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