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Organic wholesaling for Swiss organic shops, retail and gastronomy


Biopartner is the leading organic wholesaler in Switzerland. They supply a broad range of organic products to specialized organic shops, retail, gastronomy as well as the food processing industry.


Seon & Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Bio Partner plays an essential role in the Swiss organic market as it gives organic shops, gastronomy, and the food processing industry the opportunity to buy a wide range of organic products from one supplier. Bio Partner aspires progressive and customer-oriented logistical processes. Sustainability is an important topic, not only at the level of logistics, but in the entire company. Three working groups consisting of employees from all departments work on the definition of new measures to improve the environmental, social and corporate sustainability of the company. Measures to improve environmental sustainability include the certification with ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management, the measurement of environmental indicators, the reduction of CO2 emissions and food waste, the support of organic seed production and breeding, etc.

Bio Partner has about 3.000 customers specialised organic retail shops and other retail, food processing industry, gastronomy, and commodity trading. In 2016, Bio Partner delivered to 653 organic shops, 1.450 other retail shops or sales points, 799 customers in gastronomy and 682 customers in the food processing industry. The company has their own storage areas covering about 10.000m2 and the products are distributed by the internal logistical infrastructure.

Bio Partner Switzerland AG is a shareholder company that was founded in 2007 by three companies (Via Verde, Eichberg Bio AG and Vanadis). In 2018, Bio Partner and Somona, formerly being competitors merged in order to join forces and provide better support for independent organic retailers. Bio Partner has 255 employees based at two locations in Switzerland: Seon in canton of Aargau, and Neuchâtel in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. It is the leading wholesaler for organic products in Switzerland, covering a range of about 13.500 products, including fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, vegetarian products, frozen and dried foods, as well as natural cosmetics.

Bio Partner Schweiz AG

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